We all need help sometimes, so it's always useful to have someone who's walked a little further along the journey of womanhood to offer real, honest guidance and advice. That’s why we work with mentors who are passionate about pouring out their wealth of knowledge to support other females. Our mentoring scheme aims to pair mentees with mentors who can offer them the encouragement and direction that they need in certain areas of life. 


Applications for mentoring are now open for females aged between 18 and 24, so if you’re interested, please fill out the form below in as much detail as possible and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours*. 


We’re always on the lookout for great female mentors so if you're excited about the prospect of sharing your knowledge and experiences with other females, please get in touch by filling in the form below. We’d love to collaborate!

(If you’re under 18, don’t worry! We’re putting a special mentoring scheme together for you too, so stay tuned!)

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*Please note that we're only able to offer mentoring to females over the age of 18 and based in the UK. Also, we can't always guarantee that we can find you a mentor as our scheme is subject to availability (but we'll always try our best!)